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TripleTalk USB

Tripletalk USB Hardware

General Information:

The Triple-Talk USB is a compliant full-speed USB device that starts and stops quickly and can meet the demands of any screen access program.

Notice: This product is no longer being manufactured. For driver support, please see the Downloads page. For our most current TripleTalk product, take a look at the TripleTalk USB Mini!

With an on board 8k byte flashable EPROM, the Triple-Talk USB is a fully programmable device that may receive firmware updates while in the field.

The Triple-Talk USB is fully configurable to meet your listening needs including:

  • 8 predefined voices
  • 10 volume levels
  • 10 different speeds
  • 100 unique pitches

In addition, parameters such as tone, punctuation filtering, and intonation are also adjustable. It is important to note that these settings may be limited by certain software packages such as screen access programs.

As an added bonus, the Triple-Talk USB comes equipped with a standard serial port. If the synthesizer is operated solely on the serial port, the unit is powered via an internal 4 cell rechargeable NiCad battery. The internal NiCad battery may be charged via the supplied DC adapter or by connecting the unit to a computer via the supplied USB cable.

Triple-Talk USB Top

Triple-Talk USB Side

System Requirements:

The Triple-Talk USB is designed to operate with an IBM or compatible micro computer with a USB or standard RS232 serial port. If you are not sure if your computer is equipped with a USB or RS232 port, we recommend contacting your computer vendor or refer to your computers' user manual.

Currently the Triple-Talk USB functions with Windows 98/ME/2K/XP/Vista/Windows 7 and Linux.

Audio Output:

The Triple-Talk USB is equipped with an internal 2½" 0.5 watt speaker for delivering its excellent synthesized speech output. Volume levels are adjustable via a side mount rotary thumb wheel. In addition, an 1/8" stereo jack is located on the side of the unit for use with headphones or power speakers.

The Triple-Talk USB currently retails for $495.00.

Package Contents:

Triple-Talk USB Contents
  • 1 Triple-Talk USB
    • Dimensions - 5½"x4"x1½"
    • Weight - ~0.75lb
  • 1 Triple-Talk USB installation disk with documentation
  • 1 6 Volt DC adapter
  • 1 Full-Speed USB cable
  • 1 Standard straight-through serial cable
  • 1 1/8" stereo headphones
  • 1 Quick install reference sheet